Beach Tennis and Pickleball Converge

While Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America, Beach Tennis is trending upward internationally, especially in beach cities throughout Italy, Spain and Brazil. Now a new game called Sandy Pickle is making its way onto the scene, a hybrid blend of these two popular sports. Below is more information about beach tennis, pickleball, and finally the introduction of Sandy Pickle.

Soft Surface Pickleball

Pickleball has a new court surface option and it's soft! Now with Sandy Pickle you can play a modified version of America's fastest growing game on sand, on grass...even snow!
couple about to play pickleball on the

Play Pickleball Anywhere

If you play pickleball you know public courts get crowded. Sandy Pickle takes pickleball to the sand and grass; at the beach, in the park, and in your own yard.

How To Play Pickleball

Are you looking for information on how to play pickleball? Although we play more Sandy Pickle, we know enough about pickleball rules to help get you started!
pickleball played on sand at the beach

Play Beach Pickleball With Sandy Pickle!

Sandy Pickle takes Pickleball off the hard court and to the sand and grass at the beach, park or in your own yard.
play pickleball on grass

Now You Can Play Pickleball On The Grass

Pickleball is growing fast which often means too many players and too few courts. Now you can play pickleball on the grass, at the beach, or in your own yard.
Sandy Pickle beach pickleball game set