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The Tournament Edition Includes:

    • Net with sleeves for both singles & doubles play
    • Adjustable height posts & ground anchor system
    • 4 standard paddles & 4 outdoor balls
    • Competition & recreational boundary markers (lines & cones)
    • Carry bag for easy transport of everything needed to play

$149 (free shipping within the U.S.)

What is Sandy Pickle?

Imagine a fast-paced game similar to Pickleball, modified for play at the beach or on grass where the usual bounce is not possible.  While many of the rules are the same, the “volley-only” nature of Sandy Pickle offers an exciting new twist to one of the world’s fastest growing sports.  Read on for a detailed comparison of the two games.

Summary of the Core differences between Sandy Pickle & Pickleball

(Click Here For A Detailed Rules Outline)

1. Smaller Court Dimensions:

This adjustment was made because even the fastest pickleball players move slower on soft surfaces like grass and sand!

2. Adjustable Net Height

Because a pickleball doesn’t bounce on grass or sand, Sandy Pickle is a volley-only game. We raised the net to head-height in order to keep the ball in the air longer.

3. No-Spike Zone

The pickleball restriction for entering the “kitchen” doesn’t apply in a game with no-bounces; Sandy Pickle replaces the kitchen with a slightly smaller area called the “no-spike zone”.

4. One Pass or Bump Rule

Imagine the possibilities if your partner could save your mis-hits! With Sandy Pickle, one pass is allowed, even if it is unintentional!

5. Serving

Because we believe this part of the game should be more fun, Sandy Pickle gives the server freestyle freedom. Ask us about the moon ball!

6. Scoring

Do you ever get confused trying to remember who’s serve is it, what side of the court you should be serving from, what the score is, and/or how to accurately call out 3 numbers on every point? Apologies to the avid pickleball players…for the rest of our players, we prefer to KISS.

Game Action Video Clips:

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