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Brand Ambassadors Wanted!

Play – Share – Get Paid

  • Play Sandy Pickle at the beach, in the park, at school, etc.
  • Share your unique 15% Ambassador discount code
  • Get paid each time your code is used

PLUS: Get access to exclusive Sandy Pickle Swag, Friends and Family Deals, Tournament Support, and of course the satisfaction that comes from being a Key Player in taking a brand new game from Startup to Success!

Sandy Pickle Pickleball being played at the beach

What is Sandy Pickle?

Imagine a fast-paced game similar to Pickleball, modified for play at the beach or on grass where the usual bounce is not possible.  While many of the rules are the same, the “volley-only” nature of Sandy Pickle offers an exciting new twist to one of the world’s fastest growing sports.  Read on for a detailed comparison of the two games.

How Do Our Ambassadors Promote Sandy Pickle?

Play & Post:

The most common and simplest way to introduce Sandy Pickle is to play often, capture action pics and video, and post on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, SnapChat, etc. Be sure to provide your unique discount code for followers to use and to track your referral commissions.

Organize Tournaments

The best way to generate interest in Sandy Pickle is to get people on the court. By hosting a tournament, you can introduce participants and spectators alike to a brand new sport.

Become A Vendor At Outdoor Markets & Boutiques

Let us know what markets are taking place in your local area. We often cover the exhibit fees for ambassadors who are interested in becoming Vendors.

Group Activity Events

Youth groups, church groups, clubs, etc. are often looking for new activities for their regular outings. This is a perfect fit!

Introduce Sandy Pickle to P.E. Teachers

Remember where you first played kickball, volleyball, and badminton? These and other activities are popular as school P.E. activities, and many teachers are anxious to offer new opportunities to their students.

Travel With Your Sandy Pickle Game Set

The reason we decided to offer an Ambassador Program in the first place was because each time we took our prototype game to the beach or park, people would stop and ask questions, which was both fun and easy marketing for us!

Game Action Video Clips:

Who Are Our Brand Ambassadors?

Get In The Game!

First Movers
Role Models
Top Athletes
Event Planners
Venue Partners

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